Lannie Flowers


Same Old Story, though it may be, your typical boy meets girl, young love tale; it is not typical in delivery.

Lannie Flowers groomed his pop sensibilities as front man and leader of the Dallas-Ft. Worth based band The Pengwins from the late 70's through the 80's. Since the bands demise, Lannie has established a strong reputation in the DFW area as a talented songwriter and producer.

Through the years of habitual late night jams, listening parties of the great pop bands of the day and working with award winning producers such as Rick Derringer and Jim Dickinson, Lannie honed his song writing and producing skills.

When faced with the daunting task of finding a permanent storage facility for all those hundreds of old demos and half finished songs in his studio in Kennedale TX, Lannie decided to create the ultimate homage to those old tapes and his music. 36 individual melodies or one all inclusive melody, It's up to your interpretation.

Same Old Story is a 45 minute pop music collage. From the first glance, through all the struggles of young love, to the inevitable end, Lannie's delivery is a refreshingly new twist on that,

"Same Old Story, you know the one you've heard so many times...

"it's the same old story,

Except this time the story's mine"...

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